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bridge girders I-405 in Renton

Project milestone reached as crews set bridge girders over I-405 in Renton

Amtrak Cascades train with Tacoma Narrows Bridge in background

Gov. Gregoire unveils $590 million grant to Washington for high speed intercity passenger rail

Chetzemoka Ferry

Follow the progress of the new Kwa-di Tabil Class (64-Car) Ferries

Columns for the new bridges connecting I-5 to westbound SR 16 stand next to the existing viaduct.

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The Washington State Agency Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program was developed to reduce commute trips by state employees.

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CTR Program Email - (360) 709-8088

State Agency CTR Program
Washington State Department of Transportation
PO Box 47387
Olympia Washington 98504-7387

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