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Top 5 reasons why Ctr is important:

bridge girders I-405 in Renton

Project milestone reached as crews set bridge girders over I-405 in Renton

Amtrak Cascades train with Tacoma Narrows Bridge in background

Gov. Gregoire unveils $590 million grant to Washington for high speed intercity passenger rail

Chetzemoka Ferry

Follow the progress of the new Kwa-di Tabil Class (64-Car) Ferries

Columns for the new bridges connecting I-5 to westbound SR 16 stand next to the existing viaduct.

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CTR Board Members

Interagency CTR Board Members

July 2011 through June 2013

Voting Members
Transportation: Keith Cotton, Chair; Dacia Stricklett, CTRC, Staff
General Administration: Marcia Horovitz, CTRC
Commerce: Carolyn Hojem; Jerry Ferrante, CTRC
Ecology: Margaret Hill, CTRC
Attorney General: Karen Cowan, CTRC
Early Learning: Linda Jennings CTRC
Employment Security: Arthur Florence, CTRC
Evergreen State College: Susie Seip, CTRC
Fish & Wildlife: Yvonne Jennings, CTRC
Health: Cindy Blakely, CTRC,  Susan Harp
Insurance Commissioner, Office of: Al Papas, CTRC
Licensing: Annette Gavette, CTRC
Lottery: Bruce Eisentrout, CTRC
Natural Resources: Paulette Nelson, CTRC
Office of Financial Management: Nadia Sarno, CTRC
Revenue: Erick Kniestedt, CTRC; Scott Carrell
Utilities and Transportation Commission: Pam Smith, CTRC
Washington State University: Monica Babine
Intercity Transit: Kris Fransen, Dennis Bloom
Thurston Regional Planning Council: Karen Parkhurst, Holly Gilbert, Paul Brewster
Washington Federation of State Employees: Tim Welch
Washington State Patrol, Stephanie Bryant, CTRC


As of May 4, 2011