Support & Assistance

The State Agency CTR Program provides support and assistance to state worksites that are required by law to develop and implement CTR programs.


Program Development Assistance

For information on CTR program development see CTR Program Guidelines. To receive assistance on specific issues or questions about the state agency CTR program, e-mail to:  

CTR Program Support

The State Agency CTR Program provides at no charge to CTR participating state worksites the following services:

SAFE-Ride Home Program: Provides state employees using alternative commute modes a free ride home when they encounter an emergency (such as family or own illness) or who have to unexpectedly work late.

SAFE-Ride is available to state work sites in Thurston, Pierce, Kitsap, King, Snohomish, Spokane and Whatcom counties. For SAFE-Ride program information contact your county CTR coordinator or send us an email.

State vehicles may be used for the SAFE-Ride. However, non-state employees, including family members, are not permitted in state vehicles at any time.  For more information on SAFE-Ride, visit SAFE-Ride program page.